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Suzanne "The Killer" Dahlin loves her custom Ruger 19 Calhoon Hornet.  It's her favorite gopher gun!

Michael "Coyote" Marks and Greg "Bobcat" Ebner,
showing a few of their prizes.

Together they got 2nd place in the Ringling, Montana varmint contest using 19 caliber rifles!

Accuracy Tests @ 50 yards by Bobby Lewis, Harlowtown, MT

Comparing a standard 22 Hornet rifle vs. 19 Calhoon (Hornet) rifle

Both test rifles are Ruger 77/22 VHZ models (heavy barrel varmint, laminated stock)


Standard 22 hornet Ruger 77/22 VHZ (except modified 2 lb. trigger)

5 shots loaded with 13.0 gr. of AA 1680 and 37 gr. Dbl HP bullet, 2940 ft/sec.


The same Ruger 77/22 VHZ now chambered in 19 Calhoon (Hornet) using a Pac Nor "Super Match" barrel.

5 shots loaded with 13.3 gr. of Viht N120 and 32 gr. Dbl HP bullets, 3320 ft/sec.

Group size in the 19 Calhoon is less than 1/3 the group of a standard Hornet !!

Which rifle would you like to own ?

Drew and his badger smile for the camera.

Drew Kafka is from Havre, Montana.

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