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Handy 1" (Inch or MOA) Grid Target


Go ahead and print out a handy 1" grid target to sight in your rifle on us! (Uses 8 ½" x 11 paper, margins set to minimums).

Calhoons' Vacation @ Coronado Fleet Week!

Do you like fast cars? Every Oct, the Coronado, CA naval base sponsors 2 days of incredible exotic, classic and vintage car racing. Genuine race cars of a bye-gone era come back to life!


· 19 Caliber Experiences

· Pictures of 19 caliber Customers
·Customer comments (we filter the bad ones!)
Lots of pictures of customers enjoying their 19 caliber rifles. Each picture is worth more than a thousand words!
· Gas Off Cure How to vent the bolt on a 700 Remington to prevent getting a facefull of Hot gases from a ruptured primer.
· To Bee, or 223, Is that the Question? Reduced loads for a 223 and 222.
· To Bee, or 223 Revisited More reduced loads for the 223.
· Primers and Pressure Pressure capabilities of various primers as well as how to find maximum loads using a micrometer.
· Snake Loads Make your own snake loads for a .357 pistol.
· Testimonial for Lee Collet Dies Lee Collet die is the slickest neck sizer on the market.
· Testimonial for Forster/Bonanza Bench Rest Dies Bonanza dies do a great job of sizing and seating.
· Barrel Break-in / Field Cleaning MUST be followed to achieve maximum accuracy potential, reduce fouling, and make cleaning easier. For hand-lapped barrels.
· Bedding The preferred way to do a good bedding job on a rifle.

· For Sale:  Miscellaneous Clearance Items:

  • 22 caliber chrome moly "take off" barrels from CZ 527 Brand new $155 (specify .223 or Hornet, Hornet barrels are .223" groove diameter and make great replacements for 22 rimfires)