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As A Clam!

What makes Fred so plum delighted is those "helicopters" he gets with James Calhoon's Double HP... and he has less barrel cleaning because of Slick Silver plating...also, on occasion, Fred's been known to bust a dog or two at over 500 yards with James Calhoon bullets in his 19-223...and, because he shoots lots, Fred likes the price.

19 Caliber Re-Barrel Kits finally left Fred speechless. Ballistics of a 22 cal., velocities of a 220 SWIFT, yet low fouling and low recoil...in two great cartridges...


19-223 Calhoon™
up to 4100 ft/sec
up to 3725 ft/sec


James Calhoon Trademarks

So not to confuse all you folks, the following trademarks belong to James Calhoon MFG of Havre, MT ,USA

19 BADGER • The word "badger" as related to small arms • 19 caliber • 19 Calhoon • 19-223 • "Slick Silver"• Saber Tip or ST • Double Hollow Point or DBL HP • "HUNKER Mounts"

Thank you, and "Fine Shootin'!" from all of us at
James Calhoon Manufacturing!