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Thought you might get a kick seeing a picture of our "shooting bench." It's a VW dune buggy with slight modifications for shooting squirrels. Your rifle barrel is 8' 1" off the ground.

Bill Harp, Chico Calif.

.304 group, 5 shots, 100 yds.

Group from Bill Counts of South Carolina made by a 19 Calhoon CZ 527, load data as follows:

Case: R-P
Primer: WSR
Powder: Lil Gun, 11.2 gr.
Bullet: 32 gr. Calhoon
LOA: 1.780"
Velocity: 3,424 fps
E.S.: 31.91
S.D.: 12.6



All it takes is a rock chuck and a 19-223 to make Fred happy!

Fred and James in "Heaven"

This picture is worth more than a thousand words!
A batch of Ruger VHZs in 19 Calhoon (Hornet) ready to ship.

DOG PILE! 144 to be exact!

Debra Holst (AKA Annie Oakley Holst), IA

Here she is with her one of a kind Mannlicher stocked CZ 19 Calhoon

She did all this damage in 1 3/4 hours !WOW!

DVM Chris Schenk, BC, Canada

This veterinarian gets 'em back together, but maybe not always in the right order


This is what Chris does with the $$ from his vet and taxidermy service. The machine is a Ski Doo Summit 800 X RS. This thing has an incredible 151 HP!!

The 151 horses go fast, but can really get you burried......................


Ethan and Sweek, ?

Hold still varmint or I'll go get my 19 BADGER

Peaches Shuler and Dex Bumgarner, NC

Here they are showing off their CZ 19 BADGER rifles

Chase Olson, MT

With his new Kevlar stocked CZ 19 BADGER rifle

This kid is the best "off hand" shot I've come across!!

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