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Do you see the resemblance?

"Fred's Father", was an army of one with his rifle, pair of revolvers and knife. He was prepared for hostile Injuns, outlaws and berserk buffaloes.

Bobby's "Polecat"


Look up...








Bobby Lewis of Harlowton, MT (far
right) and buddies tree another one.

Bill Counts from West Virginia has been driving his shooting buddies to re-evaluate the need for a 22-250 to shoot ground hogs. Using his 19 Calhoon (Hornet) Model 527 CZ, Bill shoots under an inch at 350 yards!

His .19 Calhoon Hornet load is:

R-P Brass 13.3 gr. of Vight N120
WSR Primers = 3325 ft/sec
32 gr. Dbl Hp Calhoon Hornet
5-14-03 75° F.

Fred's ancestor, in an attempt to stay ahead of the others, tries a clever device!
Tommy L and friends. This is how the boys in MI get coyotes.

Thanks to Calhoon,

<--A well fed Bill Campbell!! (see the clean plate). Bill and his Co, Hunting Shack Munitions (HSM), load Calhoon bullets into his custom HSM line of varmint ammo for Cabellas. 


The lovely Kate, Catherine and Bad Bill-->



Charlie Lavalva, MT

Charlies know what he likes. Charlie shoots a 19 BADGER.



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